Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I am working on now...

Hi there fellow bloggers! Its been a very busy and productive week so far, and its only Tuesday! I have several small and big projects on the go. I have tons to share with you, but with start with 2 of my current projects..

This childs vanity from the 90's was a freebie (Gotta LOVE those!). My neighbors were going to toss it in the trash, and I quickly saved its life before they did! Am working on transforming it into a trendy teen makeover vanity!

And my next project I am super excited about. BUT I am not going to just out and tell you what I am doing with it, where would the fun be in that? But, you are welcome to guess! Leave a comment telling me what you think the "After" is going to be to this "Before"!

Seeya all again real soon with fun updates and more project posts!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Bacccckkkkkk

I am back ladies...with a sincere apology for my 8 month absence. Between work, kids, running a small, homebased business, and just life in general, it seems I have hardly had a moment to just breath in forever! Not much has changed while I have been MIA..same old, same old, except for a few little makeovers and I finally got my own (very tiny but still all MINE!) bedroom, which I will post photo's of soon!

This little table I found at Goodwill years ago. Since I brought it home at a cost of just $3 it has been sitting in my sisters shed-loft collecting dust. When I started working on my bedroom a few weeks back, I got an idea for it finally, and hauled it out!

And, at a cost of roughly $15 for the black faux leather, and spray paint,  here she is after, a cute little black, upholstered bench....

That now lives in a little corner at the foot of my bed topped with a pillow!

It corresponds perfectly with my bedroom decor, which you will get to see in my next post, which, I promise...


Seeya all Soon  :)