Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Bacccckkkkkk

I am back ladies...with a sincere apology for my 8 month absence. Between work, kids, running a small, homebased business, and just life in general, it seems I have hardly had a moment to just breath in forever! Not much has changed while I have been MIA..same old, same old, except for a few little makeovers and I finally got my own (very tiny but still all MINE!) bedroom, which I will post photo's of soon!

This little table I found at Goodwill years ago. Since I brought it home at a cost of just $3 it has been sitting in my sisters shed-loft collecting dust. When I started working on my bedroom a few weeks back, I got an idea for it finally, and hauled it out!

And, at a cost of roughly $15 for the black faux leather, and spray paint,  here she is after, a cute little black, upholstered bench....

That now lives in a little corner at the foot of my bed topped with a pillow!

It corresponds perfectly with my bedroom decor, which you will get to see in my next post, which, I promise...


Seeya all Soon  :)

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  1. Great find and lovely "new" piece of furniture for the did a great job!