Sunday, July 17, 2011

My BIGGEST and BEST project ever! Can you guess what it is??

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine, well, it was busy! On Friday I worked at getting ready for our yard sale, that my sister, Melissa, and I were having together on Saturday. Friday night I had to run my son to a party out of town, but just a 15-20 minute drive, and then drive back to pick him up at 11PM.(Is it just me, or did our generation not do this sort of thing? I mean, I honestly cannot picture my parents driving me to birthday parties in another town at age 13. Things just didn't work like that back then!) Anywayyy...on Friday night we had a sleepover...myself, Melissa, our 4 kids and our parents, and Sis and I were up early Saturday morning to get ready for the yard sale. Unfortunately, the weather was not as eager as us and it rained off and on the entire day, so we did what all resourceful women do- moved it into the shed! The day was not as big a success of our other annual yard sales, but it wasn't bad either, and afterwards we took picture of our yard sale items and created a cyber yard sale on everyones fav networking site- you guessed it- Facebook. So far its going great!

Which brings me to my BIG news (18 foot news to be exact!). The yard sale was to raise money for something we have been wanting for years and this year we are actually doing it!!!! So, without any further delay, here she is.......

She is a 1965, but the name of her nobody seems to know! This is actually a picture from the owners whom we purchased her from, but I was soooo excited to share her with you that I couldn't wait another 2-3 for her to be parked in my yard...I just HAD to share with you NOW! Oh, we have some many ideas for her, and I have found so much inspiration here in Blogland. Do you have some camper pics that might be inspirational as well. I would LOVE to see them, and linky you up with them on a upcoming post, so start emailing me your pics. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Seeya all again real soon!


  1. SOOOO EXCITED for you!!! Congratulations. ENJOY!!!

  2. Melinda, cute trailer! I'm wondering if it might be a Glendette? I have a '69 Glendette and it looks almost identical to yours (e.g. window placemant and interior lay-out). I can send you some photos if you wish.
    "Saltwater Cowgirl"