Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peak Of My Vintage Camper Makeoever & Some Thrifty "Befores"

Hi y'all! Its been a few days since my last post and the reason is quite simple...I have spent every spare moment working on my latest, (and biggest and BEST!) project vintage camper. We now have the interior almost completely painted, and are working to get all of the cushions covered in new fabric, and slowly but surely beginning to decorate. Before I share with you a tiny sneak peak here are a few "befores" of some things I am working on for the camper....

This watering can was actually a freebie, given to us in a box of items for our yard sale, a donation from a family member to help in our fund raising efforts to buy the camper. Instead of selling it, we kept it and have a pretty cute plan for it!

These cast iron hooks are a dollar store find a few years ago, and were again, part of the yard sale, but one look and we knew these pretties had a home in our new tiny home-away-from-home!

These are the handles that were on the cabinet doors of our camper. Although they were fine, they did not suit the look we were going for so they too have become a before...with a "after" not far behind!

These light fixtures were on the walls of the camper when we got it, in this poor condition, and Melissa (my sister) wanted to toss them. However, because we couldn't really afford new fixtures right now, we decided to give them a makeover! Here they are in their "before" state...afters coming real soon!

And last, but certainly not least, is a tiny sneakie peakie of the camper itself.

I did say it was tiny, didn't I? Well, I couldn't give away TOO much of it just yet..but soon my friends, soon! Until then, I am busy, busy, busy working hard to make her everything I dreamed of. See you all again soon!


  1. Thanks for visiting today, your weather sounds heavenly!! But I hope you do get some summer before winter! lol

  2. Oh my goodness she is going to be a doll! I can't wait to see her!!! Thank you for visiting me at Nora Pearl...I've added you to my Glamping Buddies. ox I look forward to seeing and hearing about your maiden voyage.